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Our Best Selling Book

The Pocket Sponsor presents classic Oldtimer recovery messages for every hour of the day for 31 days. Starts at $9. As low as $4.50 with institutional discounts. Click the Pic for the website and more info.

Sitting in Pictures, Vision meditations for recovery

Vision Meditations for Sobriety

Based on the Hopi tradition of visualizing what you want then "sitting" in that visualization to help manifest it, comes the recovery meditation book Sitting in Pictures. Illustrated by Chrintine Sundly of the Menominee Nation. Starts at $12

Shelly Marshall, Hazelden author

Hazelden's Classic: Day By Day

This is the meditation book that introduced the daily prayer, "God help me stay clean and sober today." From Denver Young People's, it is good old-fashioned 12 Step Recovery. Starting at $14.95

Walk Softly & Carry a Big Book

A collection of all the recovery sayings and slogans in alphabetical order. Lots of fun to read. Great for preparing for talks. Full of the stories the Oldtimers used to tell us. Even inlcudes the history of the Serenity Prayer. Starting at $12

By Young People for Young People

Young, Sober, & Free. Put together in workshops hosted by Shelly, this book tells it like it is. Young adults share how they made it in their 12 Step program and they include a very important chapter to parents who are trying to help their youngsters. Starting at $14.95

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Jenelle Evans on Day By Day

See what this fan says about Day By Day on her Face Book page Post "Best book ever for a quote every morning to wake up to and setting a goal." by Jenelle Evans.

War Cries

Reocvery Slogans

Step 12 Magazine just published Shelly's latest article on slogans. A good read. War Cries

Pay it forward today

There are many treatment centers in need. When they ask, we give what we can. Please consider becoming a Recovery Angel for your favorite center. Buy an Angel package, get a 30% discount, we send and donate it in your name, and send you a FREE download of the Pocket Sponsor to keep in your computer.